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Commercial Instalation: Click the thumbnail below to enlarge the picture
Commercial solar electricity has a very quick return on investment and makes a good business decision. Our experience includes projects from coast-to-coast of 250kW to over 1 MW. Whether it is a large commercial rooftop, solar farm or utility owned property, Solar power plus has the experience to provide you with the very best solar experience in the industry. We work with you to evaluate, address and simplify your electric needs and offer engineering, design, project management and financing services.
Just like the sun, we deliver independence, self-assurance and reliability.

Solar power plus provides one of the most experienced design, build, and project management teams in the solar industry. Our experience extends well beyond solar construction which directly adds value to our customers as they look to foster a long-term relationship with a partner that can successfully develop and deliver renewable energy solutions on their properties. Our construction experience includes commercial building development, real estate development projects, healthcare, higher education, hospitality facility construction, brownfield/landfull projects and affordable housing.
For your commercial and utility scale projects, Solar power plus is your resource for commercial solar installations.

Lease Program
 We will launch a new residential and commercial solar leasing program for homeowners and business owners in Nigeria,  in partnership with some Banks and private investors. The solar leasing program allows a homeowner to lease a rooftop solar electric system for little or no money down, and pay a monthly lease fee for the solar energy system. Homeowners also have the option to buy the solar system outright at a later date.

Solar water pump

PS1200 Pump Controller &
HR Submersible Pump Systems 
Direct Solar or Battery Powered 

PS1200 eliminates the weakest links in solar pumping by using helical rotor (progressing cavity) and centrifugal pump ends and a brushless and water-filled motor. No failure-prone diaphragms, no flooded-motor failures and no electronics in the well !

Lift from as deep as 760 ft (230 m)
Maximum 25,000 gallons per day (135 m3)
PS1200 eliminates the costs of fuel, delivery, engine maintenance, and pollution.
In many cases it COSTS LESS than a conventional pump and generator installation
Great reliability and life expectancy
High resistance to sand and corrosion
Fits 4" and larger well casings

The pump can be submersed as deep as necessary. Submersion depth does not affect the performance or place additional stress on the pump or motor.

The pump can be installed in a stream, pond, tank or shallow well, inany position.

An optional low water probe turns pump off to prevent dry-run damage. Reset is automatic after 20 minutes. The PS1200 Controller has an RPM limit adjustment to reduce the maximum flow rate to about 50 %, to help match a limited water source.

The pump has high resistance to wear from sand, clay, etc. that may occur in a properly constructed water well. However, a concentration of solids greater than 2 % (by volume) may cause blockage in the pump or the drop pipe, especially at low flow rates. Do not use the pump to clean out a dirty well.

MPPT, well probe and float-/remote switch terminals. Lights indicate: system on, pump on, pump speed, tank full, water source low, overload, and battery low. Protected against reverse polarity, overload and high temperature.

A storage tank (not included) should be sized to supply a minimum of 5- 10 days' water supply, depending on climate and application. Water storage is generally more economical than energy storage in batteries.